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HomestuckScreenshotsArchive is on hiatus
Posted at 1:41pm on May 6th - 2 NOTES
#homestuck  #homestuck cosplay 

Unfortunately, I was grounded x)  I apologize.  Any posts in the upcoming week or so will be few & far between.  Although I will be working on more Homestuck cosplay items!

Posted at 1:28pm on May 6th - 3 NOTES

popfizz69 said : Do u imaginate what happen if homestuck videogame was kind like skylanders?

Cute Homestuck figurines :3

Posted at 1:28pm on May 6th - 0 NOTES

snowingphoenix said : Holy crap, thanks so much for the follow! I really like ur blog :D

Thanks so much!

Posted at 12:28pm on May 5th - 4696 NOTES


ur not a CANON jake english cosplayer unless you surgically remove your entire neck and arms


also nose and ears

(Source: dirkkat)

Posted at 12:27pm on May 5th - 128733 NOTES

I wouldn’t reblog except I love sharks

I wouldn’t reblog except I love sharks

(Source: alisaismeee)

Posted at 12:19pm on May 5th - 1 NOTES

man-kun said : hey bro, sup

nm, u?

Posted at 12:05pm on May 5th - 0 NOTES

psyren666-deactivated20140301 said : yooooo sweet bro, thanks for the follow!

Naw dude, you’re da bomb!

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